Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards App Reviews

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1 of the best Apps

Hands down the best app Ive used.


I love having the Speedway app on my phone. I no longer have to carry around my free coupons since they are automatically on my phone. Its easy to use and convenient.


Great app and rewards!!! One suggestion would be not so many point needed for drink!!!

Update recommend.

Sometimes to load current Speedy Reward coupons, I have to open the app and refresh Speedy Wallet. Finally close the app and relaunch for current coupons to be present.

Speedway app

It makes it way easier to check your points out on the app instead of in the store

My speedway

Love having a nearby speedway. Love the prices and inside buys. Great deals and coupons.

Simple to use

Very easy to use and love that I get points for items I buy .

Very convenient for me

As a lot attendant this app is very convenient for me when fueling up cars.

Works Great

Lets you see all your speedy stuff and find the closest store to you


I love this app only problem I have is that it only work unless your connected to wifi

My Speedy App!

I love this app!!

Redeem Points

I love ❤️ this app. I would like to see the redeem points lower customer want to use them when the program started you could get more stuff with less points that was nice but still love this app

Speedway Rewards

I have had this card 2 some time now & I just got my PIN number. I m happy 2 b a member, now I can go forward in my rewards.. I have Ford Escape & keeping my gas under control makes me very happy.. Thank you so much. Palver M. Payne

I love it



Love app on phone Dont have to have on keys

Speedway App!

Love having this on my phone!


Love Speedways sales, promotions, always a great place to stop & shop!!!

Most Convenient Store

I have shopped Speedway for ever and I love how easy it is to walk in get what I need and get out! Sometimes theres only one cashier at busy times so the line is really long but the rewards are great and easy to earn-especially when you are using the app!

Works Great

This app does everything it says it will. Works great. Cant ask for anything better!

Excellent User Interface!

This app is simple to use and the user interface is great. The developers really thought it through. No more forgetting my card when I go to the pump either!

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