Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards Відгуки

Not in FL

Scanner hasn’t worked yet at a Speedway. Scans and cancels the sale every time. Useless app.

Excellent tool

For some reason, many people don’t pay attention to gasoline prices. You will see cars at the most expensive gas station in town when they could just go half mile down the street for a better price. When you drive 25,000 miles a year this is a significant cost concern. Aside from the perks and the points redeemed against gasoline purchases, this app shows gasoline prices for all nearby stations. They can easily range $.25 a gallon different. Makes it easy to pick and choose where to go!

Good app

It’s a pretty good app.


Amazing service and so quick with great rewards!

Getwhatchaneeeed everytime

Awesome Excellence

Love it



I stacked up +11,000 points and didn't know how to use them till I decided to look up an app. easy and quick to use. Awesomeness

Awesome and functional!!!

Great app and been a nice help on my travels across the U.S. delivering freight on a tight schedule and free perks and points add up quickly!!!

Good App

Easy to use. Convenient QR codes for cards. Easy to lookup past transactions. Idea for future...would be nice to see detail of transactions, maybe as a representation of the actual receipt with an option to send copy via email or text.

Keeps crashing

This app started crashing when I attempt to bring up my speedy card in my wallet. Can use the coupons without a problem, but the speedy card crashes the app.


After downloading the app I could not log in with correct pin. Reset pin, can’t access info. Called again, told to delete and re-install app. Still can’t log in. Maybe it’s the app maybe the rewards program. Let’s get things right the first time.


Easy to access, simple and quick. Love it!


The app is super easy to use and I really like how you have access to all your points and rewards. The only problem is lately there has been a glitch with the giftcards. Everytime I open the app it will say 20$ on my giftcard but when it is scanned there is no money on it so I will re open the app and it will then say 0$. It will go from 20$ to 0$ constantly.

It's working fine

I was hesitant at first when I read some other reviews. So far all is working well. I like the new features, now I can claim rewards and use them at a moments notice.

Keeps getting better

Love the new app. It's intuitive and loads fast. Now if only a few of my favorite locations would be modernized:-)

Filter Problem

When I use the filter option for lowest to highest I my area it gives me prices 400 miles away from me.

Awesomeness 5000

Just when you thought the gas stations were superb, the app kicks it up a notch! The whole reward system is set up perfectly. Can't wait to rack up those points and win big on some gift cards 👍

Great app, but problem

It's an easy way to track my points, select bonus points, and see gas prices but for the longest time the app has shut down as soon as I try to open my wallet to see my speedy rewards account number. I would think this would need to be fixed right away but I have been experiencing this problem for at least over four months. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

Very nice

More locations in W Pa would be great



Speedway App

I love this App. I can use my rewards anytime to get free stuff. Who doesn't like free. Also I can get rewards towards other items too!

Love it

Super easy to use n track my points. So much better than using a card.


Faster than digging through my wallet, and going threw the rewards kiosk at the store, I can redeem my rewards right from the app and they are immediately loaded onto my card. I recommend this app to everyone!!!!

iOS 4 watch support

Looks like the reward QR code stopped working on iOS 4, it shows up but won’t scan. Please fix

Great App!

Very easy to use. All the information you need in one place!

Love it

Speedway is great to start with and this just made thing easier.

Awesome app!

Live this app! Easy to see rewards and bonuses available. I also had to get a new card once I moved back to Ohio/WV from Tennessee and when I called customer service to see about points on my old card she was kind enough to reinstate 14,000 points that expired during my year in Tennessee..didn't see many locations in Tennessee, but did use ones in Kentucky when I was lucky to make it home for a weekend. Speedway rocks!!

Love it

I love getting free coffee and soda

Happy happy cheep gas

Like free stuff and cheep gas great app


I like the app. The more I use it the easier it becomes.

Cool App

Helps keep track of points and easily find Speedway discounts. Excellent App A+A+A+A+


If only could transfer points to other person or family's card through the app

Helpful, simple

Ok app, I use it mostly to find nearest places to fill up, other than that....eh


Love the app it lets me know when I can get a free drink

Love It!!!

Works to a tea!

Love it

It's very convenient when my husband forgets to give me the card all I have to do is pull it up on my phone and it's just like using my card :)....satisfied

Customer service is TERRIBLE!

I would of given it a 0 star rating but the minimum rating allowed is 1! I selected to get 500 points if you bought 25 gallons of gas during the month of August. Well I purchased well over 25 gallons, but yet the points never showed on my account. So I messaged customer service to see what had happened. Six days later I finally get a response from a Melissa, who extremely rudely called me a liar, and claimed that I had selected double merchandise points. I've replied, but still waiting on a response, it'll probably be another week if I receive a response at all from the disgustingly rude and incompetent "customer service" department! I'm disgusted and appalled by the Speedway company!


Makes things a lot easier

Great app!

Very convenient! Love that I don't have to carry around the receipt to know how many points I have. I also love that I can redeem my points on the app.

Good app

It's a great app a lot of info would recommend

The best

Just like cash.

Great app

Savings and free stuff is always great plus you get to track coupon use!

Nice to be rewarded for what I was doing anyway

Great way to build brand loyalty

Good perks

I like using the app to select monthly bonus perks when I fill up my work and personal vehicles


I'm loving the app and freebies


Use it for all my coupons and love being able to use my points easily


👎Was great now not working well at all have in settings to list 25 stores is never ending goes on forever, also has store listed in Indiana and Ohio at closest stores I live in wisconsin very hard to locate stores near me may have to go other stations time for I T department to WAKE UP ! 👎

Great app

Love this app. Must get if you frequent a speedway

Speedway App

Very useful. One of my most used apps.


I love it,I can redeem my points and get the coupon on my phone

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