Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards Відгуки

Love speedway!

I miss Hess but speedway has made it all worth it! They even have these cool features awesome!

App is broken

This app update is buggy. When I try to load my rewards coupons I get the message that "This app version could not recognize the message type." What? This your app and your message. Wake up IT folk! Fix it. When it works it is a good app

Pump won’t scan

The pump won’t let me scan my phone app to use the digital barcode , why offer 500 points to do this if pumps won’t take the barcode from ur phone


App crashes when you try to access card on iPhone.

Newest version has a big glitch

The newest update screwed everything up! The app now tells me that none of the stations carry unleaded gas and the nearest stations that it shows are 200 miles away! If I log out the gas prices show up okay but of course I can’t get any of my Speedy Rewards information. I used this app all the time before but now it’s pretty useless!

Eaton Rapids MI Speedway

I have to say I am very impressed with this Speedway. Every time I walk in I am greeted with a smile and made to feel like I am very important customer. I look forward to going in and feeling the energy there from the staff. They are very attentive and when I asked about a specific item if it could be ordered, I was told they would check into it and when I went back In they had an answer because they did ask. That was a very refreshing customer experience. This Speedway is definitely moved the meter high in the customer experience arena. Thank you!

Simple and easy

All my rewards, points and coupons in one place. Easy to see prices near me!

Issues after update

I can’t get the coupons to load. It tells me the app isn’t supported by it. And when I click on tobacco offers it says it’s not powered...real annoying

Was fine until...

I recently upgraded to an iPhone X and all of the sudden, my speedway app says there is no gas available for EVERY gas station in my area. PLEASE FIX THIS!

Love it

Very easy to navigate, use this app on a daily basis. Love the system as well as their rewards system!!


I like that I can use my phone. Because I sometimes lose my card.

Not impressed

This App had a lot more potential, but for some reason it seems the creator just fizzled out half way through.

Cant get coupon

Coupon for m. Dew club wont come thru bc this app version cannot recognize the message. Updated this morning this afternoon —-> no coupon

QR code?

I’d like to be able to drive up to the pump, put my payment card in/out and then have the scanner on the pump read the QR code in my SpeedyRewards mobile app. Didn’t happen that way. I had to call Corp office and give them my info to get the reward points.

App is broken after latest iOS update

The app crashes now every time I try to bring up my card to be scanned

Good, but needs iPhone X support

The app works well, but it needs to be updated to fit the screen of an iPhone X

Speedway App

Very smooth and simple layout I enjoy it

This is a great app

It's a great way to keep track of my points, great way to get and see coupons I have.

Great app

I love that this app keeps me on track with all my points.


Easy to use! Love it for my coffee and swishers!

Fuel prices vs Fuel quality

I just downloaded this app, so I don’t have a comment about it yet, but I do like the store. It’s not always fuel cost. Well it shouldn’t be. You should know the quality fuel that you are putting in your car. Maintenance cost is also a factor in your fuel purchase. Be careful and aware!! Pay cheap could also mean get cheap. Burn good clean fuel; your pocket will appreciate it in the long run down the road.

Great app to save

I drive a lot for work and have saved so much money since I downloaded this — I can drive one more mile to a station that has gas for 20 cents cheaper and have gotten free coffee and drinks already numerous times. 5/5 totally worth it

Great App

To be fair, I've only had the app for a few days now, but so far I really like the features and functionality. It's easy to use and navigate, anything from viewing your points balance, managing your account, to contacting customer service. I haven't sent in any feedback to customer service yet via the app, so I'm not sure on response time, but I've called the customer service line and received wonderful service! The employee I spoke with was incredibly friendly and polite, and my issue was fixed literally within less than 2 minutes. I was trying to register my card to redeem my points for a $10 cash card, but when I registered and tried to enter my PIN# to log in, it said it was incorrect. So I hit the "Forgot Password" option, entered my email address, and it said the email address wasn't registered. Then I registered again and had the same issue. Went to try a third time and it said my card had already been registered, but still nothing worked to allow me to redeem my points. I called customer service and she simply asked me the same questions as if registering online, and it worked immediately. It honestly took no longer than a minute and a half, if that. It was great! It also uses your current location to show you nearby gas prices, which I love b/c I have a tendency to not pay attention when pulling in to a gas station, so this helps insure I get a cheaper price wherever I'm at. And it loads almost instantly, so I'm not sitting there forever and possibly passing up a cheaper station and having to turn around and back track. So overall, I think it is a fantastic app, and it's completely free! No In-App purchases or anything. Zero. A googol% worth it!


When I try to open my Speedy Rewards card it crashes the app. Needs fixed and updated.


Can't get enough of the points . I have around 4 thousand points .

New app is terrible

Tried to link new app to my card. No + sign available to add tag


Since speedway has been in my area the points are sweet so have gotten tons of free stuff thanks speedway

I hate my life

Ya it's pretty good

Great app

Great app easy to use. Gives you so many options to get the best out of your gas buying experience


I love the accuracy!

Love it

Love this app and speedway

Just easy

This app is very good for those who use their Speedy Rewards! Find closest stations, have you card on your phone and put your gift and cash cards all in one place!

Not in FL

Scanner hasn’t worked yet at a Speedway. Scans and cancels the sale every time. Useless app.

Excellent tool

For some reason, many people don’t pay attention to gasoline prices. You will see cars at the most expensive gas station in town when they could just go half mile down the street for a better price. When you drive 25,000 miles a year this is a significant cost concern. Aside from the perks and the points redeemed against gasoline purchases, this app shows gasoline prices for all nearby stations. They can easily range $.25 a gallon different. Makes it easy to pick and choose where to go!

Good app

It’s a pretty good app.


Amazing service and so quick with great rewards!

Getwhatchaneeeed everytime

Awesome Excellence

Love it



I stacked up +11,000 points and didn't know how to use them till I decided to look up an app. easy and quick to use. Awesomeness

Awesome and functional!!!

Great app and been a nice help on my travels across the U.S. delivering freight on a tight schedule and free perks and points add up quickly!!!

Good App

Easy to use. Convenient QR codes for cards. Easy to lookup past transactions. Idea for future...would be nice to see detail of transactions, maybe as a representation of the actual receipt with an option to send copy via email or text.

Keeps crashing

This app started crashing when I attempt to bring up my speedy card in my wallet. Can use the coupons without a problem, but the speedy card crashes the app.


After downloading the app I could not log in with correct pin. Reset pin, can’t access info. Called again, told to delete and re-install app. Still can’t log in. Maybe it’s the app maybe the rewards program. Let’s get things right the first time.


Easy to access, simple and quick. Love it!


The app is super easy to use and I really like how you have access to all your points and rewards. The only problem is lately there has been a glitch with the giftcards. Everytime I open the app it will say 20$ on my giftcard but when it is scanned there is no money on it so I will re open the app and it will then say 0$. It will go from 20$ to 0$ constantly.

It's working fine

I was hesitant at first when I read some other reviews. So far all is working well. I like the new features, now I can claim rewards and use them at a moments notice.

Keeps getting better

Love the new app. It's intuitive and loads fast. Now if only a few of my favorite locations would be modernized:-)

Filter Problem

When I use the filter option for lowest to highest I my area it gives me prices 400 miles away from me.

Awesomeness 5000

Just when you thought the gas stations were superb, the app kicks it up a notch! The whole reward system is set up perfectly. Can't wait to rack up those points and win big on some gift cards 👍

Great app, but problem

It's an easy way to track my points, select bonus points, and see gas prices but for the longest time the app has shut down as soon as I try to open my wallet to see my speedy rewards account number. I would think this would need to be fixed right away but I have been experiencing this problem for at least over four months. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

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