Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards Відгуки

Point don’t show on app

Have had the card for a long time and just now downloaded the app. Signed in and it shows that I have zero points when I actually have 59,000 to use showing on receipt at pump from card. How do I get the point to transfer to the app.??

Who doesn’t like earning rewards?

The app is easy to use and user friendly. Keep track of your points and earn really good coupons and rewards. I’ve been a member for about ten years and when work has me on the road I always try to use speedway. Most facilities are clean and offer a wide range of products. It’s nice to know that having/earning the points can get you free products or really discounted rates on fuel and other merchandise. A++ to speedway.

Gas app

The app doesn’t show the speedway I work at(Bojangles connected) so I can’t see the closet gas prices. And sometimes the app is slow and want load my coupons righ


Good app and easy to use.


Crashes when you try to pull up your rewards card.

Speedway app

Great app only one problem for me. If I scan the app at the pump and don’t have a card on file it cancels my rewards. Have to go in and pay besides that it’s a good app

Happy with app just need to fix favorite locations issue

I like the app but really wish they finally would fix the continuing issue of losing favorite gas stations. Every time it updates and I lose all my favs, please fix this already. It has been about six months and many updates say that this problem is fixed and never seems like this works properly after the update. SMH


Is great . On my way to work

The savings add up

I live close to a speedway and we shop there everyday. I use the coupons on the mobile app all the time and it saves me a lot of money. I think they have the best rewards program, I redeem the points for visa gift cards that you can use anywhere.


App locks up sometimes.

Great app

I love it!!! Now my coupons and discounts are in the palm of my hand.

Love it

Love the deals & steals


I love this app. If it wasn’t for the app I would not have visit this gas station one bit. Beats the competitors

Speedway card

My favorite card (speedway card) of all of my cards!!! Anything free in life you have to take it, and I get so much free stuff from Speedway. Thank you…



Love it

Easy Access

Good app

Tho I think it could have an employee tab for us who work at speedway for like extra things and stuff if ya understand what I’m saying.

Speedway app

The App is really easy to use really helpful gives all kind of gas prices for different speedways Shows you everything you need to know

Coupons and Points

I love how you are able to access your account at the touch of a button on your phone. I also love the fact that it keeps the coupons and rewards digitally Instead of by paper that you lose so easily.

Great app !

I am gonna use the crap out of this speedway app!!!! Love it, i use it every day

Latest version not compatible with 5c

Can't use app to scan rewards card at pump, and can't update to newest version because it doesn't support the 5c, even though it's running iOS 10.


Awesome !!!! Love the App!

No More Updates On IPhone 4s

Sad can't use app anymore. Older phone but it still works why no more compatibility?

App not available for iPhone 4

I used this app all the time until I had to do a restore on my iPhone 4 and now it's not compatible. I guess Speedway doesn't want business from people with older phones. Lol! Oh well, there are plenty of other gas stations in my town that can rival Speedway. Haven't been to Speedway since the app quit working and won't be back.

Liking the app

Liking the app. Tells me where the nearest speedway is and I can redeem my rewards from the app very easy

Doesn’t work

It told me my card has already been registered and can’t be used on this app. I have had the same card for YEARS so it shouldn’t already be registered.


Very user friendly and no problems

Very Helpful App

This app is very helpful and simple to use.

Best rewards program out there for Gas Stations!!!

Seriously they are constantly having bonus points for buying products that I would usually purchase anyways. I have gotten a bunch of rewards at Speedway just by stopping in before work in the morning to get my snacks and energy drinks. I am basically ballin’ out of control with Speedy Rewards!! I might retire soon!!!!


I love this app

Thank you

App works very well and is quite helpful. The staff at the store in west Camillus, NY is outstanding and very pleasant.


Speedways are the only gas stations I’ll go too! I love the rewards system!

Great points and savings

This is the best by far of the fuel and merchandise savings program that I have ever been apart of.....I fuel at many stores but speedway is the best

A good app

This helps if you are a member of there reward programs

Great for coupons

When you go to speedway and you have a free coupon as long as it’s in your phone you don’t have to worry about it at all

Works most of the time

The app works most of the time, although I had used it to redeem a reward and when I got to the store my reward wouldn’t pull up on my app. It was aggravating, ended up paying for what should of been free. Eventually it resolved itself and was able to redeem reward later. It helps with knowing gas prices and reward points. I like the app. Just had a couple problems with it so I only gave 4 stars.

Love app, but points system needs revision

I really only go to speedway for the points and perks. I just wish that you’d receive more points for gas purchases. You spend $50 on gas and get a little over 100 points. I spend 5$ on candy and get the same amount of points. Please reward more for $ spent!

5 stars

This app is 10 times better than having the card in your wallet cluttering up everything when you try to find it it’s not there so you lose points when you go to speedway with this app everything is right there All you have to do is just open it and scan it in your point will be at it no matter what

Love it

I love this app however my only gripe would be that I don’t know what one of the features means (frequent shopper program) and there’s nothing I can click on for more information but I absolutely love this app!!


Couldn't sign in, you locked me out of my account because I guessed wrong? Like if someone wants to buy some gas on my account more power to them. It's just really difficult when you spend 20 minutes trying to get a stupid app to work when the 7-11 one was done in a minute TBH

10 out of five stars

Best rewards program ever buy a fuel card save three cents every time you use it

Cece feedback

I love you guys


Given that every time I try to view my rewards card in the app to scan it, the app crashes, this app is pretty useless. It has been happening for well over a month, I don’t understand why that issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

App is great if it works

The app is great when it works. Most of the features hardly load or take forever to load. And a lot of features show unavailable at this time.

Love it

This is the best thing ever.

Like it !!

Very handy when traveling!

Can't log in

This is getting frustrating. I can't even log in after I've logged out. I know my passcode but it still days unable to log in. How you have an app where you can't even let me log into my account via app but I can't log in to your website? Fix it!!!!


Very easy to use!

iPhone app doesn’t reflect points

My app on my iPhone never updates my points and I can never access any rewards to redeem. I have removed the app and re-installed only to not be able to login again resulting in me having to call customer service to reset. This is very aggravating and disappointing since I go to Speedway all the time for gas.

Many are missing out!

Admittedly I did not take rewards serious until I started using the app. It brings everything together and you don’t have to keep track of anything because it does it all for you! All the points and freebies I did not take advantage of sadly for years. Kudos speedway. My ONLY gas station.

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