Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards Відгуки

Great app

Easy to use. Handy to find locations close by with prices.

Slow responses

Great app but just slow, I wait for everything to load! I have a iPhone 8+ so not the proc.

Ok app

This is a good app when it works. When I try to update my phone number the app crashes every single time.

Best gas n go

Love the app, I get lots of points and then get free stuff back, who can beat that! You’re buying gas and snacks anyway. This app makes it convenient.

Dave P

Awesome, easy and convenient.

Speedway — Great App

I love this app. So easy to use. Rewards and perks all in one easy to use app. No longer necessary to save the paper coupons. Using it on my Apple Watch is an added perk. Everyone should be using this and ALWAYS shop at Speedway!!!

Shuts down

I am unable to complete my profile because the app just shuts down. Please fix this!!

Great app

This app has been working perfect for me so far

Great App

Works well


It’s alright I just wish it had the scan mode cause I forgot my email.

Great app

I use this app four or five times a week I even have my coupons sent to the app instead of getting the paper copies cause I always lost or forgot about them so now I actually use them


Easy to use

Me. Robert Dodson

Folks I really like the Speedway app. I like that Speedway gives us points. I fill up the gas tanks for the whole family. Keep up the good work Speedway

Love it

This app usually works for me.. recently it’s been having minor issues.


Force-quits the app when I try to look at my speedway card but goes to the giftcards fine However in the past has worked great for me

Not good! This ap needs updating!!

All information is as os December 20th 2017! This is now February!! Hire more people! Get someone who can do their job!! You need more techies!!! Up date this sight!!!

Still learning

New to the app. Getting used to it

I luv this app!!

I absolutely luv this app. The ease of not having to always have my speedy card with me is great! I luv that I can add my coupons. See all my transactions immediately, Maximize my points, and my speedway gives us an extra 3 cents off when u scan your speedy card. Besides that when KMart was open you could get extra coupons for 10-30 cents off a gallon and u could use up to three at a time. So I was saving 93 cents a gallon! So obviously I started using speedway more. But our KMart closed. Bummer. But during that time I noticed going to speedway versus going somewhere where the gas may be cheaper meant less gas and gas quality. I tested my theory. I put the same amount in at both stations. It was so obvious that the other station was watered down gas. I actually ended up getting more gas Bc they weren’t stopping the pump early or slowing down the amount of gas that comes out. All these tricks these other gas stations. Besides I luv the staff at my speedway. It’s always clean. Always stocked(mostly). The only reason I didn’t give the app 5 stars was Bc I wish I could pay my speedway credit card through the app. This is not a feature that I know of? If I could do that it would 5 stars easy. Other than that I think it’s super easy to use. And helpful. There are very few apps I use religiously but this is one of them. Oh and all the speedy points I rack up is another bonus. I’m getting points for things I would do anyway. Like get gas, smokes, coffee, pop ect. I use my points and I luv them! Who doesn’t luv free stuff!? Nothing bad to say here!!

Great app....when it functions as advertised.

Finding rewards, gas prices are easy. The app (ver 3.10) crashes when you try to pull your card up in wallet. Frustrating and needs fixed.

Nice app

Nice app

Fuel preference, auto, truck diesel

Store preference, fuel grade, add option to select BOTH auto diesel AND truck diesel. I use both auto and truck diesel lanes and need to constantly change change fuel preferences in order to see all prices. This prevents users from seeing all diesel prices, especially when travelling in areas where one does not know truck lanes are present.


Great features! Don’t need to have paper coupons any more! Everything on the phone. Keeps accurate record of points, coupons, etc. Thanks.

Seamless design

Awesome way to manage account. GPS feature of when u are near your store automatically gets your card for u so us lazy people are just babied like we demand. Awesome app

My review

This app is great I use it every week and have saved a lot so too everyone that says it is bad obviously you don’t know how to use it or are not using it enough

Redeem points or receipts and two apps

I like your new app you just missing one thing and you have a receipt and you don’t have your rewards card and you could add it to your rewards from the app when you have your receipt thank you


Really usefull app


QR code never works at the pumps but works fine inside the store. There’s no point in having the app. Save the space on your phone and don’t download it.

No coupons

I am not getting my coupons in my wallet. I have bought more than required of an item and it say “awaiting reward”, but it is not going into my wallet. What’s up? I have logged out and back in, the app is updated.


Working great. Reliable and useful. Used to crash from time to time, but now it’s ok.

Update messed my app up

The update won’t let me log in says my pin is wrong and I have not changed it in 10years sense it was first set up

Better than in store

Very useful

Useful A.F

I can't keep track of cards and the like but this makes it easy to use and benefit from the speedy reward program!!

My opinion

This app is very nice I like the coupons I earn thank you.

speedy card broken

i cant find my speedy card so i typically use the one on the app but every time i click it it kicks me out of the app


Works great for me


The app is great. It’s always with me. Instead of using the key chain. Which is only on my car key chain. So when I drive I’m wife’s car, I always miss out on those points for that trip.

Too unreliable to be useful

The app is great... when it works. Admittedly, I don't use all of the features of the app, so hopefully not all features are affected by this problem. I do use the app to get current gas prices nearby or wherever I'm searching, which is extremely helpful. However, approximately half of the times I open the app (once or twice a week), I am greeted by "N/A" for the current gas price at all locations. Not all drivers need to fuel up as often as I do, but it defeats the entire purpose of the app when I'm deciding which location to visit for a fill-up and can't get the needed information. I don't know if this is a bug, a poorly-executed update schedule, or an intentional withholding of price-change information that would allow for significant savings. Regardless, it's frustrating and makes this app more obnoxious than helpful.


Just great in every way.

App crashes

I love Speedway, and I love earning the rewards. However, the app crashes every time I try to pull up my card. This means I don’t earn anything if I don’t have my actual card with me.


This app always freezes when I walk in and try to pull up the code thingy to get it scanned. Pretty much annoyed by this as it has been happening for the past 2 years. If you could fix that, then I could bump my rating up a bit. If not, I guess it’ll stand at a 2 if not lower down to a 1 star rating.

Nice perk

If you end up at Speedway anyway this is a great way to earn some perks.


Love the app works great however I did lose some points for some reason! But other than that it's very helpful and convenient!


Needs a bug fix update


I am having trouble open up my emails icon on the app so it is saying this version of the app is not excepting so i can’t get my rewards


I’m so happy with the app, it makes tracking rewards so easy. I wasn’t using my rewards prior to the app because I wasn’t familiar with the kiosk and I kept losing the receipts. Now I don’t have to worry about it.

Love speedway

I love speedways point system. I am saving points to help out on our vacations. The app is great!!! I like not having paper waste on coupons and being able to see all the action on my card. Great job speedway

Love speedway!

I miss Hess but speedway has made it all worth it! They even have these cool features awesome!

App is broken

This app update is buggy. When I try to load my rewards coupons I get the message that "This app version could not recognize the message type." What? This your app and your message. Wake up IT folk! Fix it. When it works it is a good app

Pump won’t scan

The pump won’t let me scan my phone app to use the digital barcode , why offer 500 points to do this if pumps won’t take the barcode from ur phone


App crashes when you try to access card on iPhone.

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